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We hope this program is helpful and those who are eligible will participate.

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If you would like to obtain a copy of your RAP sheet by mail, or if you have other questions, stop by a clinic or contact us. You can get an application at a walk-in clinic, online , or by contacting us. Once we receive your application, we will review your eligibility and contact you with further information.

What Is Included?

In the United States, only those who are convicted of the most serious crimes get life sentences. But everyone who enters the criminal justice system is marked for life. Even a brief minor interaction with the justice system can leave someone with a criminal record and a permanent barrier to a job, housing, education or an occupational license. Most arrests stay on your record permanently even if no charges are filed or you are never convicted of a crime.

E Act may make it easier for you to seal your arrest record. If you have one or more arrests in San Francisco, submit an application to the Clean Slate program here and find out if you are eligible to seal your arrest record. The C. E Act Senate Bill took effect Jan.

Can I check out another person's criminal record?

This law seals arrest records for those who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime. Public arrest records will now be private and protected information that will not show up on criminal background checks unless the background check is being conducted by a law enforcement agency Police, DA, Homeland Security, etc. A petition to seal the arrest for the above charges which shows a pattern of conduct may only be granted upon a showing that the sealing of the arrest will be in the interest of justice.

In addition, the law states that if the petitioner intentionally evaded law enforcement efforts to prosecute the case, such as engaging in identity fraud, or leaving the jurisdiction in which arrest was made until statute of limitations has run, then the petitioner may be denied relief.

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