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Login Here. Search Post reply Subscribe to thread. Join Login. Thread Tools. How can I find someone on the Electoral Roll for free? Hi all, I am trying to find someone. Does anyone know of where I can search the electoral roll for free I have tried the obvious bt. Thank you!!!! Don't judge a man until you have walked his life.

Find out if you're on the 12222 Electoral Roll

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Users saying Thanks 1. Thanks, have just tried You have a PM bf. Hi I need to search the electoral roll for free too? Any ideas please message me.

Find Part number and Serial number of Electoral roll to fill voter ID editing form no8 at

Art View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Users saying Thanks 2. Like the OP, I am trying to find someone and would be grateful for a pointer to somewhere other than these sites that try and get you to part with your cash. The area I wish to check is Wrexham.

Access to South Australian Electoral Rolls

Many thanks in advance. Go to or phone the main local library in your area. They should hold paper copies of the electoral role and will search it or allow you to search it yourself.

If you know the area they live in you can try to phone that main library and ask, we used to get a lot of requests for role checks over the phone. Whoever said "nothing is impossible" obviously never tried to nail jelly to a tree. Has anyone used Happy chappy. You nip down to your council and ask Electoral registers. The full register cannot be used at all for searching for people on line. It can only be inspected by going to your local library, council offices or the British Library in London.

All these sites have the current register published on 1st December The edited register is available to be purchased for any commercial purpose and all these named sites have purchased it to provide search facilities. Legislation is currently being prepared to abolish the edited register and prevnt it from being sold for commercial purposes. Does anybody know the best way to find all my information to build a family tree without paying. I am looking for all ancestors births marriages and deaths, I have paid for several certificates, but need a lot more info.

Beckipeg View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Lots of local libraries subscribe to the Library edition of this. It means you can search for births, marriages, deaths, census returns etc. Ancestry have a free 2 week trial period, but you'd have to pay after that. Also try GenesReunited for a free family tree chart - but you'd have to pay if you want to contact other family history researchers or access databases via them. Liberchaotica View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts.

I found it very good Thanks Noreen. Sorry, thread closed. The time now is AM. Sign up for MoneySaving Emails. Welcome to our new Forum! This is because they use this information to help check that your name and address is correct.

If you have moved recently, always give your previous address when you apply for financial services. If your application is refused because your name doesn't appear on the electoral register, explain that you have just moved. You can also offer other proof that you live at the new address. Organisations will usually accept a:. Sometimes organisations might tell you that you have been refused credit because you are not on the electoral register, rather than explain the real reason. If you are unsure whether or not your details included on the electoral register, please contact the elections team.

You can add a note called a notice of correction to your credit report explaining that you cannot register to vote because you are not eligible to vote in UK or EU elections. You can also state in this note that you have documents to prove where you live and how long you have lived there.

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Then, when you apply for financial services in the future, any organisation looking at your report will see this note and hopefully take it into account. The note will mean that any credit application you make may take a little longer than normal to be dealt with but it may be worth a short delay if it helps you get credit when you want it. You may want to contact other credit reference agencies to add a note to the reports they hold on you as well.

Identity fraud continues to be a problem and you are at most risk when you move home. Redirecting your post will help, as will giving your new address to any organisation you deal with and making sure your name is removed from the electoral register at your previous address when you register to vote, either online , by phone or by completing a registration form, you can give your previous address and the relevant local authority will be automatically informed on your behalf.

Email: elections dorsetcouncil. This form is to report content that is wrong, or any issues or feedback you have about the web page. Contact us if you want to get in touch about a council service instead.

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