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How to Find ANY Email Address Contact in 2 Minutes

Using any of the multitudes of advanced Google Search commands , you can try to narrow down the results. However, if the individual you're looking for has a common name, like "John Smith," you're going to need some additional information. If you know more about the person, such as her hometown and birth year, you could try adding those other parameters to the search, as follows: "Sally Holmes" AND "Brooklyn" AND "".

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If that search returns too many results, you can even add in one or more domains that correspond with popular email services , such as "gmail. In some cases, you might have more luck searching for mailto , too, but doing so will probably drastically cut down on the results, which might not help. This method will most likely show lots of email addresses. To confirm whether the address you find is the one you want, open the page the email address is found on and look for any context that would point to the person in question.

From public records and white pages to web directories , the internet houses a number of email address repositories. For example, you might have luck finding an email address with Whitepages if you know the person's name and location. Most organizations do not let people choose email addresses freely but instead assign them by name. You can take advantage of that by assuming the email address using some syntax guessing. Of course, you have to know where the person works for this method to be effective. If you look at a company's email directory online and everyone's email starts with their first initial and the first three letters of their last name, you can try this combination.

So, the email address for someone named Emma Osner would probably be emma. Email Format is a website that can do the guessing for you after you enter the website name. Some programs can scour a web page or even an entire website for email addresses and then give you a list of what was found. One example of such a tool is Email Extractor , a Google Chrome extension that runs in your browser to find email addresses on the page you're viewing. Another is VoilaNorbert , which is free for the first few dozen successful searches. Enter a name and the website domain, and it will spit out any email address that matches those criteria.

It works a lot like Hunter. Those he said can easily be identified because they are happy, spiteful and arrogant. The 9 per cent are quiet, but anxious because they are rewarded.

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  7. They include big businesses, professionals, those from academia, religious leaders and politicians. Most are in that category by allowance. They can always be pushed out if they misbehave. Some people in the media are sometimes taken into the advantaged 9 per cent.


    Peepmail: Find People's Business Email Addresses Online

    The 90 per cent includes the peasant farmers, those in the informal sector, medical workers and public servants. Attempts have been made to further divide that 90 per cent along tribal and age lines. When the President gives the State of the Nation address, he addresses himself to the 1 per cent. He is very cheerful. He addresses people on his factories, his oil, his roads. Unfortunately for them whether they are doing well, the 90 per cent is what gives the country its character.

    Poverty Uganda is a highly indebted poor country and among those with low human development. Poverty is increasing. Only 2 million out of the 7. Five million live on subsistence farming. Population involved in agriculture is most vulnerable because the bulk depend on the weather.

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    7. Only 2 percent of farming communities irrigate. Soil fertility is getting low yet agricultural inputs are expensive.

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      Fertilisers are unaffordable, so very few farmers are using them. Thirty per cent of the population have chronic food insecurity, 61 per cent of Ugandans still cannot access clean water and 75 per cent have no access to improved sanitation. Exploitation of farmers Prices of agricultural produce determined by the 1 per cent. This was designed. That is why collective bargaining through the cooperatives was killed. Unemployment Unemployment is certainly very explosive and the story of those who are employed must be told.

      Some are working very long hours and paid very little. What those who are employing them are doing is disguised slavery. Education Access has increased, with enrolment rising to 8 million, but the quality remains poor. Seventy per cent of the children drop out and 30 per cent who remain cannot read and understand a Primary Two story or solve a Primary Two Maths problem when in Primary Seven.

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      Teachers are poorly paid so no competent person wants to become a teacher. The teaching profession is now attracting the worst. There is need for government to invest more in education. Funding to institutions of higher learning has collapsed, which is impeding growth. Security Some of our people think that security is the absence of war. Lack of war is not security. Even today a war can break out because of the deep frustration in the population.

      As long as you do not have justice you cannot have peace. There is social insecurity which is manifesting in the form of domestic violence, family breakups, violent crimes, political repression and electoral violence. Matters are not helped by the big number of guns in the public domain. People are terrified and, therefore, cannot innovate.

      People are not participating in decision making and they hardly relax. Uganda is engaging in regional adventurism by deploying troops in the Congo and Sudan.

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      It has been at loggerheads with Rwanda. Debt The 1 per cent has been borrowing on our behalf. Uganda was forgiven all its debts in , but today every Ugandan has a debt of Shs1 million and the foreign debt is growing.