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In some states, registering for sales tax will also make you liable for state corporation tax.

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As for the FEIN, once you have it, you will be obliged to file federal corporation tax returns. Even though the UK have a recipricol tax treaty, you still need to file in the US. Failure so do so will result in fines being issued by the IRS. Product liability insurance.

Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) / Tax ID Number

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You are correct, it is only certain states that have Amazon collect and remit on your behalf. To make sure the application process goes smoothly, you should prepare business owner information before you get started. Ideally, you need the following details:. Keep in mind that you also have to note your business structure on your EIN application.

Because of that, you should establish your business structure before you apply for an EIN. If you are having a third party such as your accountant, a bookkeeper or anyone else handle the application process, you need to authorize them to act on your behalf.

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To do that, you need to note the designee name, address and phone number, and you have to provide your signature. Then, you need to start the process online. Applying online is the fastest and easiest option, and best of all, you can often get your EIN on the same day that you apply. Once you have the EIN, you can use it on tax forms or other documents right away.

To apply online, your principal business location needs to be in the United States, and you also need a U. However, the rules vary based on your situation. When your business is based outside of the United States, you can only apply for an EIN over the phone. Unfortunately, you can only apply over the phone if you meet this qualification.

Getting your number by fax or through the mail is more time consuming than applying online.

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  5. If you decide to apply for your EIN by fax, make sure to put your fax return number on your application.