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Individuals may need certain records for real estate transactions while everyone can benefit from knowing the sanitation scores of their favorite dining establishments. Every day we fulfill numerous requests for copies of records. However, in September wastewater system permits began to be created and stored in an electronic format. The SBI directs requesters to have their fingerprints taken at a local law enforcement agency to submit along with the request form.

Records are kept indefinitely in North Carolina. While other states have expungement laws that call for the destruction of records, North Carolina's expungement laws, while allowing the information to be erased from background checks, still mandates the records are maintained permanently. The rationale for this is that each person is allowed to seek only one expungement in their lifetime, so by maintaining the information, they can check to see if you had previous expunged offenses. Expungement is still a very good option for people who have misdemeanors or low-level felonies on their records.


Expungement will shield the negative information and will prevent it from being reported on criminal background checks. The process of expungement requires a petition to the court of conviction and a hearing.

Anyone can obtain a county-wide check at the Superior Court. Unfortunately, sometimes inaccurate information appears on criminal records. Poor inter-agency communication, data entry errors and other issues can cause this. The SBI has a form to challenge inaccurate included information.

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The SBI then conducts an internal audit of your record and determines whether they agree that the information is wrong. The information you'll obtain will depend largely on the county area you're searching in.

If you're conducting a background search on someone and you choose Macon, then the individual results will only come from Macon county. A quick Google search for the words "Criminal Background Checks" will present you with a list of links you can click; a good one to use is FreePeopleScan.

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While there are some websites who offer free background checks, most will charge you a nominal fee for acquiring the information you need on an individual. You'll want to get to a national database website if you're conducting a search beyond counties or states. The good thing is that most of these background check sites produce the results you need in just a few minutes.

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