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We will not take what should be an uncontested divorce and try to turn it into an overblown expensive prolonged contested matter. There are attorneys that try to do this on a routine basis, so use your instincts and choose the firm that put your interests first.

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Our attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC are also very experienced contested divorce litigation attorneys — and will be able to deftly, effectively and aggressively represent you should your spouse ultimately refuse to agree to an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is a divorce case where the parties are in agreement to all the terms of the divorce before the case is filed.

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In a truly uncontested divorce, both parties are willing to sign all of the unnecessary pleadings and agreements needed for filing the uncontested divorce with the court. In addition, the divorce will be based on a claim made by the plaintiff the person filing the case of irreconcilable differences. In a DeKalb County Georgia uncontested divorce, the husband and wife must reach a complete agreement on how their property will be divided, on how their debts will be divided, and on what the terms for child custody and child support will be before the documents are filed with the court.

Also, the husband and wife must be in agreement regarding how much if any alimony will be paid and for how long.

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If the husband and wife are not in complete agreement on all the required legal terms of a divorce, then they do not have an uncontested divorce case. To resolve this situation, the parties can continue negotiation, attend mediation, and work toward reaching a complete divorce agreement. If all else fails, one of the parties has the option of filing of a contested divorce case. When the parties are in total agreement regarding the terms of the divorce, the settlement agreement and related documents will need to be drafted in a legal format that the court will approve.

The drafting of the documents required for an uncontested divorce can be quite difficult for an non-lawyer. Even an inexperienced lawyers will frequently make minor if not serious mistakes in drafting uncontested divorce documents.

This is especially true when minor children are involved. If your divorce case is important to you — hire an experienced professional uncontested divorce attorney. The divorce attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC have negotiated and drafted numerous of simple and complex divorce agreements that the courts have approved — and most without a court hearing ever being necessary.

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Most but not all uncontested divorces can be finalized within sixty 60 days of the filing of the case. Sometimes a final hearing in court will be necessary. Fortunately, where a final hearing is required, only the person requesting the divorce is required to attend and the hearings are usually short and end with the divorce being granted. Our attorneys work with tax lawyers, experts, accountants and financial planners to help you formulate, negotiate and complete a divorce agreement that is truly in your best interest — now and in the future.

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We also assist with simple divorces by helping guide our client through the legal forms and process, which will save you much time and frustration. We do this by helping move your uncontested divorce case through the court as quickly and efficiently. In many of our cases, our clients do not even have to go to court to get their final decree of divorce. We help our clients avoid court when possible by preparing and executing the necessary documents to avoid a final divorce hearing in court.

We are also experienced with more complex issues in uncontested divorces — and routinely help guide our clients through the process of putting complex asset and custody arrangements into a legal document the court will approve. Have your filing fees automatically calculated for you when you submit filings. Receive filing status updates via email. Courts Accepting E-Filings A number of courts are accepting e-filed records. Top 10 Tips for E-Filing Learn how to how to e-file like a pro with advice from filers already using the Odyssey system.

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E-filing and Your Court E-filing empowers courts to improve business processes, decrease foot traffic in the courthouse, reduce paper consumption and more. To learn how your court can offer e-filing with Odyssey eFileGA, contact us at cjsales tylertech. Proven E-Filing Solution Counties and states across the country use Tyler's e-filing solution for their courts.

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