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On an average day the rooms are so messy that, to find my boyfriend, I need to call No Jokes! This is the main entrance , and there is a reason for this: Many people use the spacious area in front of the gate to set up a small business. Another reason is to use this area as a parking space. This is what I see if I look outside. And these are the typical sidecars in the village.

They are mainly used to move goods around, or as a cheap alternative to the car. A nice way to carry their large families around the village. Tiny detail! A multi-functional open space. We just left the table and 2 benches to dine. It usually lasts between 5 to 15 minutes on my lucky days.

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A touch of color is all we need to feel at home! The door at the end gives access to the backyard and the one on the right is our bedroom. Pretty basic: 2 mattresses laying on the floor, 2 fans to avoid melting in 40 degrees and 2 small tables one on the left side of the beds and one in front of them.

No windows. We get the light from the open holes around the perimeter on the top. This is a multi-purpose area. A kettle is on top of it. We use it for coffee or to warm up some water to wash the dishes. What can I say? Pictures speak more than a words. A well sized, slightly filthy backyard, with a protective roof useful during rainy season. The clothes hanging are the neighbors.

Forget about having a kitchen plan, a sink, and a cooking area. If you rent a house in Thailand and plan to cook your own meals, be ready to buy one of these. Next meal will be broccoli and cauliflowers for dinner! In addition to the roofed backyard, we also have this one, shared with the neighbors. Sometimes I just go there and have a look around, listening to some distant Thai song playing on the radio.

As you can see, the size of the house measures around20 m X 6. A long, basic rectangle with a built-in room. This is a basic version of what a local Thai house looks like, here in Map Amarit.

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Our neighbors use their front area to park the car, and they set up a small altar where they put the incense and offers for the Buddha. You can see this practice in almost every house here in Thailand. There are also the typical wooden Thai Houses, like this one:. The structure has the purpose of making the house more secure during the rainy season. I suggest, as soon as you arrive in a place, ask to the locals.

Enter a shop and see if they know of anyone renting a house. Search for the local English school is also a good idea, they will give you all the information you need. All in all, this is a dirt cheap opportunity to move slowly, appreciate living like a local and save a lot of money in accommodation! Read in: Italian German. But on the other hand, having absolute darkness for sleeping would be pretty nice.

Some elbow grease, ingenuity and a little expense would clean this dump up and make it look transformative. Build a counter for the dish washing and drying, the cooking, cutting board, and build a pantry for food, eatery, etc. Quite simple and cheap. Next get some bricks and build a raised planter in the rear and give it some color.

What does it mean to be Thai?

Too Ghetto!. These would be really useful once I migrate to Thailand to work for my employer. I create websites, and maybe it would help me immerse myself to Thai culture and better write. As you can see, there are some guidelines that should be followed when choosing which of these particles to use. Two of them, ja and ka, are generally used by women, though there are cases when ja can be used by men.

Na, on the other hand, can be used by everyone.

get link Ja is more informal, so it should only be used when speaking to those you are close to like friends, children, or those of lower social status. Ka, as the female polite particle, should only be used by women. Khrap should be used by men. These will be used when speaking to others that are of higher social status, or people like shop workers, parents, and bosses.

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Similarly, it can be used when making statements that are looking for approval, showing that you are looking for some sort of response. Since the concept of these sorts of words are a bit different from what you will find in languages like English, getting used to them will take time. It will likely then take longer before you are comfortable using them when you speak Thai. In the end, knowing and understanding them will be of great help.

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They also reveal a lot about traditional Thai society and roles, as some of these words are used to show respect to others. To learn more Thai phrases like this, try out the Ling Thai app. Test yourself and build up your confidence to speak to the locals of Thailand in their native language. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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