I look at all the lonely people

Add your thoughts Comments. General Comment I think this song is simple.

Eleanor Rigby lives in a pretend world that she made for herself because she is so lonely and unknown--she goes into a church building after a stranger's wedding is over and grabs the rice to throw, pretending she's getting married. When she goes home, she sits by the window and smiles out, either hoping to grab someone's attention or pretending she has "Who is it for? Father McKenzie is a preacher that is probably used primarily for wedding services and his actual preaching isn't really well-attended. He spends all night fixing up his clothes to look good for a sermon no one will go to "What does he care?

In the finale, Eleanor has finally died, leaving nothing but her name which is on the tombstone , and McKenzie was the one who buried her because a burial is done with hands and a shovel, he got dirt on them and wipes it off. Because nobody came to her funeral, no one was "saved" by the sermon he had planned for her. That's the story--as to its meaning, it may simply be a lament for all the people in the world that have no one. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment i work at this place where i call people up and survey them, and this old lady that was willing to take it, and in the middle of the survey we just started talking, and she was talking about how her husband died, and she just started crying, and i thought General Comment Though it is one of my favorite songs I always feel a bit uncomfortable hearing it.


It always seemed to me as if the lines "All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong? And perhaps a few listeners were guilty. Part of the reason art exsists is to make people think, possibly of things they never thought of before. If it makes them see a wrong in themselves they weren't aware of, it gives them a chance to right it.

And yes, I agree, I love this song. Flag Wolfie85 on March 27, It's human. What can we expect? Flag Connectification on May 02, General Comment I've had an inspiration about the meaning of this song and joined specifically so I could share my inspiration. I have not read all the comments because there are a lot but I read most of them and none of you got this. A few hinted at it but none of you got this. I'm going to come right out and say that this song was directed at the church. This song was directed at Christianity in general.

Singing about Father McKenzie was not singing about a random individual who happened to be a church leader. But the song is not saying that they did anything together. The two might never have even spoken outside of the usual church banter. What the song is suggesting is that there should have been more of a connection between Father McKenzie and Eleanor Rigby.

Eleanor Rigby Lyrics

But "No one was saved" because Father McKenzie was too busy being self-righteous, too busy "writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear. This song is saying that it isn't enough to be friendly. This song is saying that as long as people, especially religious people, remain cold and aloof, the Eleanor Rigby's of this world will continue to die and be "buried along with her name".

A person's name is very important in Judeo-Christian values. There isn't such a thing as "over religious".

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Flag willing on April 06, Heard a sermon once a out two kinds of people. Or so it appears. Posted by: laura Saturday, 18 August at AM. Posted by:. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Please try again. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. This prevents automated programs from posting comments.

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Ahhhh, look at all the lonely people - Beatles Statue

View an alternate. Name and email address are required. Email address will not be displayed with the comment. Name is required to post a comment. Please enter a valid email address. Invalid URL. Home About Archive Contact. A Rite of Elderpassage Again. A beautifully moving meditation on our need for connecting. A sparkling gem to add to Ronnie's already glittering ring! Wonderful, one of my favorite songs and I'd forgotten about the Ah. Beautiful writing! So evocative and spell binding. Thanks for sharing your insightful observations. I've always loved that song. XO WWW. Loved this.

It speaks to me. Ah, such lovely writing. Such deep realization. So movingly and lyrically delivered. Thank You, Ann!

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  • Thank You, Ronni! Perfectly describes so many of us. Thank you for this story.

    Eleanor Rigby Lyric Video

    Thank you, Ann. I want more. Appreciate having these again, Ronni. Wonderfully poetic and insightful. I have missed these stories!! This is the only Beatles song where none of the Beatles play an instrument. They only sing as a string ensemble plays on. Eerily enough, the name Eleanor Rigby was found on a gravestone at the St.

    It could refer to make-up jars, implying that she cares about her appearance despite her solitude. It could also suggest just the opposite: her face is almost separate from her, kept in a jar for safe keeping until she has some use for it. She died in , aged 44, having been married to a Thomas Woods.

    Of all the lonely people, why Eleanor Rigby?

    Father McCartney. I wanted it to be anonymous. John opened a phone book and found McKenzie shortly after McCartney. There was no real Father McKenzie. Paul McCartney said about the song:. We were working with Eleanor Bron on [the film] Help!