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We strongly recommend that you call the recovery operator the phone number's on the notice letter and make an appointment to collect the vehicle. This may prevent a wasted journey and reduce your waiting time.

The insurance company may have a claim to the vehicle and want to pay the charges and collect it themselves. If you've already sent your V5C registration document to the insurance company, we'll need written confirmation from the insurer that you're authorised to collect the vehicle. They can't do it if the vehicle is locked.

If the vehicle is locked and you don't have a key, or if your key won't open it, we'll arrange for a locksmith to gain entry. Can an app help your kids to sleep? I tested Moshi Twilight to find out 1 week ago. How to find a lost phone 1 week ago. The best Galaxy S8 cases and covers 1 day ago. The best Android Auto apps for 1 day ago. How to download movies from Netflix for offline viewing 23 hours ago.

So here's what I learned:. Call the cops, do everything by the book, but don't rely on the police to find your car.

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First, I just want to make it clear that the LAPD was very friendly and helpful in the entire process. Also, thanks to some connections I've made in the course of my job, I got a bit better attention than I think most folks would. But that still didn't change the fact that the police weren't the ones to find my car.

Police departments, especially ones in large cities like LA, really have better things to do with their time than find all the stolen cars. They just aren't equipped to give everyone the attention they deserve. And, while that can be infuriating, it is what it is.

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So while you need to report the theft and involve the police from the start, the responsibility for locating your car is really your own. Here's what Detective Wilson, the nice and capable detective I was working with, told me himself:. I see that you recovered your vehicle. It sounded like you had the help of the "community. People see something going on, they take action. At least they call the cops and are good wits.

Further, they help out where they can. From the messages you left it sounded like some one who knew about the theft saw the car and let everyone know. That is outstanding.

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The city has millions of people but only thousands of cops. People don't realize how important they can be The police like it when communities act like ours did a few weeks back. People looking out for one another is probably the best way to stop crime, and it sure as hell helped me.

So, involve the cops, keep them updated, but you need to be your own detective. The reason I got my car back was because I made a big deal about it. I talked about it every chance I could, and, even more importantly, threw as many pictures of it online as possible. I really, really wanted it back, and so I didn't shut my big yapper about it.

You should do the same. Get the word and pictures out about your car everywhere you can — car forums, local neighborhood websites, Craigslist, everywhere.

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Send your pleas to me, as well! I feel like I owe a karmic debt to the general car-community for all their help, so I'll try and get stolen car notices on Jalopnik as much as I can. We probably can't do every one ever, but I'll do my best. The key here is to get as many people in the area where your car may be thinking about your car at least somewhere back in their brains, so if that car gets spotted, something is triggered and they'll be able to let you know.

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