Where to find chassis number on car

1 Vehicle identification

By : Zach Doell. A vehicle identification number is a unique code which is given to a vehicle by its manufacturer in order to differentiate it from all other vehicles on the road. This code contains letters and numbers that represent information about your vehicle, such as where it was built and what type of vehicle it is.

Each VIN is unique to each car, and no two are exactly the same.

VIN Decoder & Lookup

VIN numbers have been required on American vehicles since , but beginning in , the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began requiring that all vehicle identification numbers follow the same character formula. Why is a VIN number important? VIN placement varies between models and brands, but one of those locations should reveal your vehicle identification number. The engine number should be found somewhere on the body of the engine that is relatively accessible to be read. The number is typically imprinted on a sticker and placed somewhere that should be easy to see once you pop the hood.

Step 2: Check the manual or look online for help.

If you know the specific make of your engine along with its manufacturer, you can check online as well to see where the usual number marking is. Step 3: Interpret the engine number accordingly. An engine number denotes everything from the make and year of an engine to its specific version.

How to find Engine No & Chassis No of any Car

The first three digits of the engine number comprise the engine code. The remaining six digits are the engine number itself. While the manual should indicate where on the vehicle to find the codes, the registration should have the VIN including with it the chassis number direct in print. If there was any paperwork that came with the purchase of a new engine, the engine number should be somewhere in the registration. If all else fails, when you take the car to a mechanic garage, you can always get a mechanic to help you find the necessary information. It will add unnecessary grief and inconvenience to the garage process, but could stand as a backup plan if you find yourself truly stumped.

3 Ways to Find the Chassis and Engine Number - wikiHow

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