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Forrest River Mission records List of Aboriginals and staff at Mogumber Mission, and the lists of Aboriginals buried in various cemeteries. Daisy Bates Papers Provided by the National Library of Australia.

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They comprise 54 microfilm reels. Any ideas on how I would go about finding them. Hi Mary.

If so, you might try looking for matches by using search box above - if you find any, you can contact the tree owner. If not, I advise you to make it a priority to get that info first. Hi Jan. Yes I have all that information,I'll have a look for matches.

The Collection

The only thing I don't know is who went where and when. Nice to chat to another brummie my ex husband was a Myatt. If they went before you should find them on the passenger lists If you do not have access give us some details and we can take a look. Hi Jax, I don't have access to the passenger lists, what details do you need.

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They may have gone in the early 's. Names, when and where born have you found any marriages for them by using freebmd? If there are too many results, use the first name as a filter.

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Unlike the UK, their records have survived. You may also find previews of WW2 records in a new search, but as some may relate to living people, these are 'locked'.

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As a result many people do not know their relatives, their own background, childhood or family history. Collaboration between the Department and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs Aboriginal History Research Unit to collect and preserve information assists Aboriginal people access their personal records and family history.

The available information for former state wards and child migrants can be limited to entries in volumes of birth records or registers of prior state wards. However, in the majority of cases, the records have been preserved on micro-film, electronic imaged files or, more recently, physical files and virtual files.

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