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All in all, it is a decent program, but I wouldn't call it exceptional. We were a fairly decent sized department but you really felt a comradeship with your fellow CJ students and our professors. It was great commiserating over how hard this assignment was or whether the upcoming test would include certain topics.

Overall, the quality of education I received was really good. I can hold my own in a discussion on topics and am pursuing a career as a CSI. I'd have to walk across campus in a matter of ten minutes. I also feel like there weren't many course options for someone pursuing a minor in forensics along with their CJ degree but that's just a minor issue.

A few things I liked were the classes and the teachers. There were some very interesting classes that I was able to take. I took another class on Corrections in which I had to design an entire prison as my final project. All of my teachers were committed to helping their students. Many of my teachers had very liberal leanings but I learned a lot regardless of the ideologies of the teacher. I have made lots of friends.

2 North Carolina bomb squad agents injured in explosion while conducting investigation

I have also enjoyed my teachers and learned a lot about the subject matters that were taught to me. My teachers were very intriguing and they made class a joy to attend. I have been at Gaston for a little over two years now and I am currently about to finish up my last semester. Gaston College has made me pursuing and completing my degree a very positive experience. Gaston is very culturally diverse and has a wide variety of age ranges from all walks of life.

The only thing I would improve about Gaston is the attendance policy, a college should not have a limitation on the number of days a student can miss without being dropped from a particular course. It should be completely on the student if they miss a certain amount of days and fall behind in a course. As of right now, you can only miss 3 days per semester.

  • State-Maintained Records Listing — FBI;
  • State of North Carolina: Crime Statistics.
  • north carolina living history farm site.

It offers students a wide selection of classes. I remember being in my introduction to criminal justice class and being inspired listening to my professor's research work. The program is strong with professors such as Jerry Joplin, who wrote a leading criminal justice textbook. The program also has an advantage being in Greensboro because the city has a large prison and jail.

This allows for the possibility of internships and local examples of what is right and wrong about the criminal justice system. Guilford is a good choice for a criminal justice program. The classes that are offered for this track are available in person or online which makes it easily accessible for those who are working full time or unable to make the classic on time class schedule.

The instructors at GTCC have been very helpful minus one or two missteps at a crucial time but none the less helpful in a timely manner. The classes have a wide scope ranging from learning the bare bones of United States law to the minute details of what is expected and what is done in an average courtroom.

Personally, I expected a bit more homework or written papers with the online course versus the in-person class.

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While my time as a student at Guilford Technical Community College GTCC has been somewhat enjoyable, the quality has gone down somewhat in the last year or two. The online program is very flexible for those that are working varied shifts or have children at home. Over the course of my classes, you learn that many of the same instructors teach various classes in the field you are in and you get to know their habits.

A few of these instructors when teaching online is that you are at their mercy when it comes to receiving replies to emails to class instruction.

NC DPS: Background Checks

Even if the syllabus says they will answer within a specific time, this is not the case. Come Monday with eight hours till it was due, then he read emails that it wasn't open, fixed it with no apology and only gave an additional twelve hours to finish it. Highly unacceptable with no apology of a sort. I then enrolled at South Piedmont Community College for criminal justice. Being back at home really made me focus on getting my education. I loved my criminal justice classes and my instructors. The classes were really interesting and I learned a lot from them which prepared me for where I am now, a deputy sheriff in my hometown.

The thing that I liked the most about the college is the small class sizes and the hands-on learning. The administration has demonstrated a commitment to growth — in academic quality, new facilities, and athletically. The school has over 25, students and offers 19 doctoral, 62 master's, and 90 bachelor's degree programs through 9 colleges. I had a great experience in the Political Science and History departments, where I received instruction from professors who were also respected, published authors. My friends in the Engineering and Physics departments were able to take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities such as the brand-new clean-room and collaborations with universities such as UC Berkley.

One thing that could be improved is freshman student housing, which should be taken care of with the new dorms that are being constructed. For one, I was given the opportunity to learn from great teachers who were always personable and helpful. That was the best part. One of my favorite teachers is an expert in terrorism and has many contacts within the FBI, NSA, and other huge government agencies.

My Junior year, I decided to work on my debate and speaking skills both very important in regards to criminal justice. I joined the school's Model United Nations program which allowed me to discuss criminal justice in regards to the international community. I traveled to Singapore, Singapore and Vancouver, British Columbia, speaking with like-minded individuals from all over the world in order to solve the world's greatest problems that face the global community's justice systems and mechanisms. Some days, I even wish I could do it all again!

I loved every moment. The program was a life-changing event. It was an extremely broad major, and nothing really stuck with me. Years later, I can only remember the name of one professor in the department. My Bachelor's Degree hasn't helped me get a job in the field, even though I graduated four years ago. I am also in so much student debt. I took a post-bac diploma Paralegal Technology course at a local community college, and I learned so much more there in one year than I did in four years at the university level.

It just really seems like one of those general departments to get students in and out without really getting what they need to get a job. My favorite part of this program was that one of the required courses included a police ride-along project. Participating in a ride along was a great way to learn through experience, rather than just in a typical classroom setting.

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Who Investigates The Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation?

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