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You must also provide proof that at least one of your parents was a Dutch national at the time of your birth. If you were born before this must be your father. If you were born after it can be your mother or father. If you were born before and your Dutch mother was married to your non-Dutch father at the time of your birth, read the information on the option procedure for latent Dutch nationals. You must provide proof that at least 1 of your parents held Dutch nationality until you were at least 18 years old.

Applying for your first Dutch nationality certificate in Canada | Canada | gatdiweblautab.ml

This can be a Dutch passport and a residence permit for the country where they live. Or another document proving Dutch nationality. The official copy must not have been issued more than 1 year ago. If your parents were not married at the time of your birth , you will need to provide other documents. The document must not have been issued more than 1 year ago.

Hospital-issued certificates are not accepted. For information about the cost of applying for a Dutch nationality certificate, see the overview of consular fees. The average processing time for applications is 3 weeks.

Applying for your first Dutch nationality certificate in Canada

If you are asked to provide additional documents, processing may take up to 8 weeks. You can collect your Dutch nationality certificate from a Dutch embassy or consulate-general in the region. In most cases, the document can also be sent to you by post. Do you prefer to apply for a 'certificate of nationality' by mail?

Send your application to the nearest representation:. Consulate-general in Toronto.

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Consulate-general in Vancouver. State in your application why you request the certificate.

You must provide photocopies of the original documents. Also would like Canadian Citizen certificate for our two children born before How do you search to find out if her birth was registered by the parents back in the s?

Does an SIN or landed immigrant status or elementary-high school education in Quebec effect citizenship claim for her and our kids? May 23, Before , there was gender inequality in Canadian citizenship law, in that a mother if married did not pass citizenship on to her children, while a father did. So, your spouse's mother could not have requested a Registration of Birth Abroad for her daughter in the s. That explains why, when your spouse lived in Canada, she did so as a landed immigrant and not as a citizen.

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It is unfortunate that her parents did not apply for citizenship for your spouse while she was living in Canada. Are you sure they did not? However, that opportunity came to an end in If you care to move to Canada, your spouse can sponsor you and the children for permanent residence.

How to Apostille a Consular Report of Birth Abroad

That would lead to citizenship for the kids rather quickly they don't have to wait to apply , and for you after several years of residence. If you like, you can request that a search of citizenship records be made to see whether 1 your spouse's birth abroad was registered very unlikely , or 2 she was granted citizenship as a child.

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