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For all types of corrections, you must include your signed, unexpired photo ID with your application.

How to Change or Modify Your Birth Certificate

If your documents are in a language other than English, you must provide an English translation. Consulates will often translate official documents for you. The Office of Vital Records accepts translations from established translation services. NOTE: Documents are subject to verification. If information on the submitted documents is insufficient, then additional documents may be required. Health Search all NYC. Menu Promoting and Protecting the City's Health.

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Certificate Corrections. Expand All Collapse All. How long will it take to process my order? Below are the average processing times to complete your order. Does not include mailing time, which can take an additional business days. UPS express orders are shipped by overnight mail, but the processing time to complete the order is as described above. Certified copy of a New York City birth and death certificate Mail weeks. If you have not received your order after the estimated processing times noted above, including business days for mailing, please call us at: , if you are calling from within New York City.

Who can apply for a correction?

How do I make a correction? If you are unable to download the application, please call or outside of New York City to request one. Complete the application by following the instructions on the form and sign it.

If the names of both parents appear on the birth certificate, both parents must sign the application if child is under 18 years of age. Get the required photo identification. If the names of both parents appear on the birth certificate both parents must submit their photo ID. If you are submitting the application by mail, make a photocopy. Submit original documents for example, a marriage record or a religious document on official letterhead or with an original seal depending on the kind of correction you want photocopies, altered documents, or notarized copies are not accepted.

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Submit one photocopy with each of the original documents. Original documents will be returned to you. Calculate the fees on the form. The processing fee may cover multiple corrections submitted at the same time. Follow the instructions on the form to apply in-person or by mail or see instructions below. What are the identification documents I need to correct a birth certificate? Driver's License or non-driver's ID from any state or U.

What kind of supporting documents do I need? Documents should include the following: Child's name Listed date of birth Parent's name s If your documents are in a language other than English, you also must obtain an official English translation of documents needed. If you can't provide the required supporting documents, call to ask us for help.

How much does it cost to make a correction? Family's errors and omissions, except adding a given name within 60 days of birth. Hospital and licensed midwife errors and omissions after 12 months. Adoptions Court Order. Correct gender marker on birth certificate.

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Re-submitting an application more than one year after rejection. No Fee Applies: Acknowledgements of Paternity. Adding a parent who was married prior to the birth of the child. Adding a child's given name. If submitted by family within 60 days of birth to the Health Department. If submitted by family to the hospital within 12 months of date of birth. Correcting hospital errors and omissions. If submitted by the hospital of birth within 12 months of birth.

How do I apply for a correction by mail? Enclose copies of identification indicated on the form. Calculate the fees and enclose your payment see below Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Mail your correction application package to the address below.

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Note that standard first-class U. For international orders, only bank money orders not postal money orders are accepted. How do I apply for a correction in-person? How do I add the name of a second parent to a birth certificate? Look below to see which description fits your situation. Letter must include the child's correct name, date of birth, and parent's name s or Immunization records or First census record taken after birth OR census taken at least 10 years ago federal or state or Letter from physician including treatment dates must be from the last 10 years or School admission letter including date of admission or Official school transcript or Religious document or Child's life insurance policy.

How do I correct the spelling of child's last name? How do I correct child's date of birth or sex? If the child is 12 months of age or younger: Bring the original certificate and a correction application PDF to the hospital where your child was born. Letter must include the child's correct name, date of birth, and parent's name s. How do I change the gender marker on my birth certificate? Sample Attestation Statement For registrants 18 years and older PDF Sample Attestation Statement For named parents or legal guardians of a registrant younger than 18 PDF If you would like to change your name, an original court ordered name change request must be submitted.

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More about changing a name in Victoria: for adult or child, born in Victoria or overseas. Deed poll Deed polls are no longer used in Victoria for a change of name. Services and information About us. Certificate turnaround times. Change of sex. Family history.

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