How to do family search indexing

If it doesn't, then double-click the name of the batch under the My Work section of your screen to open it. Once it opens, the digitized record image is displayed in the top portion of the screen, and the data entry table where you enter the information is at the bottom. Before you begin indexing a new project, it is best to read through the help screens by clicking on the Project Information tab just below the toolbar. Now, you're ready to start indexing!

FamilySearch Indexing

If the data entry table does not appear at the bottom of your software window, select the "Table Entry" to bring it back to the front. Select the first field to begin entering data. You can use your computer's TAB key to move from one data field to the next and the arrow keys to move up and down. As you move from one column to the next, look at the Field Help box to the right of the data entry area for specific instructions for how to enter data in that particular field.

Once you're done indexing the entire batch of images, select Submit Batch to submit the completed batch to FamilySearch Indexing.

Quick Steps

You can also save a batch and work on it again later if you don't have time to complete it all in one sitting. Just keep in mind that you only have the batch for a limited time before it will be automatically returned to go back in the indexing queue. For further help, answers to frequently asked questions, and indexing tutorials, check out the FamilySearch Indexing Resource Guide.

Ready to Try Your Hand at Indexing? If you have benefited from the free records available at FamilySearch. Just remember.

While you are volunteering your time to index someone else's ancestors, they may just be indexing yours! Share Flipboard Email. Updated March 06, Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. Reusing previously indexed snippets will help FamilySearch engineers determine the quality of results from this app and make future improvements to the system. The FamilySearch Indexing app is expected to complement the FamilySearch indexing desktop software, which has enabled hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world to index genealogical records since Today there are more than 2.

This mobile adaptation of the program will allow more individuals to contribute, whether on a small or large scale.

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Users will use the same account information as they would when using the desktop indexing program, but it is not necessary to have the desktop program in order to use this app. The FamilySearch Indexing app is not yet fully integrated into the indexing system, so those who also index using standard FamilySearch indexing will not see their contributions from the app displayed in their history in the desktop program.

What is FamilySearch indexing?

This integration is planned for inclusion in future versions. You can also choose from records in many different languages the indexing of non-English records is greatly needed at present. Individuals log on to a web-based system to look at images of genealogical records and record what they see into forms on their computers.

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  • Indexing began in the year , and in , work shifted to the new web-based system see familysearch. Indexing makes records available and searchable.

    Getting Started with Web Indexing - Kathryn Grant

    The indexing process now transforms the information into digital format, and searches that used to take hours, days, or even years can now be accomplished in seconds. These hints can springboard you into many temple and research opportunities. Indexing is the engine that fuels the hinting feature. The descendancy view of your family tree shows you the descendants of your ancestors, helping you find missing cousins.

    Family search indexing projects, can I start one? : Genealogy

    This powerful feature is also made possible by indexing. Millions of names are added to FamilySearch through indexing efforts. It is the main source of new information added to the system, ready to be utilized by family members. Through indexing, your computer can bring your ancestors to you. The days of hunching over microfilm readers are all but gone.

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    • Seeing the original records is like reaching into the past. Indexing is one way to stay involved. Who knows? Participating in indexing will bring blessings into your life and the lives of others. There is an incredible array of helps available online, from training videos to interactive practice sessions to live help from a host of trained missionaries who can look at the project with you and get you back on track.