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It should be no surprise that divorcing a spouse with a disability is likely to entail a greater degree of planning than may otherwise be necessary. Remember, to start off on the right foot, make sure you have a thorough, accurate understanding of what you currently do for your spouse, as well as what would need to be done in your absence.

Can Social Security Disability Be Attached In a Divorce?

Solutions can vary from having the assistance of a family member to hiring a caregiver. While you should not remain in a failing marriage that makes you unhappy, you will definitely need to consider the higher rates of spousal support. Alongside your spouse, begin investigating what additional benefits or programs they qualify for, and assess what you can reasonably afford on your income.

Divorce is difficult, even under the best of circumstances, but adding a disability into the equation creates a new level of difficulty. By answering these three questions in advance, your current divorce will begin on the path towards future freedom and financial security for you and your spouse. Trusted by more than , people. Here are the first three questions you will want to start answering now: 1 What level of service do you currently provide for your disabled spouse?

Calculating Disability Benefits for Children of Disabled Parents

Divorcing with a Disability It should be no surprise that divorcing a spouse with a disability is likely to entail a greater degree of planning than may otherwise be necessary. Posted in Blogs. Read More Blog Posts. In October, 78, people received help from Divorce and Your Money resources.

There are other approaches to pension division — percentage, formula and hypothetical clauses — which allow the sharing of COLAs between the parties. FACT Military pension division is specialized work. Get a specialist to help you. The specialist doesn't have to be your main lawyer for the divorce; the divorce lawyer can simply associate co-counsel to help with the military pieces of the divorce, like family support, pension division or SBP.

Don't go it alone! JAG officers can be very useful, and the help is free, of course. But often they don't have the in-depth knowledge necessary for a serious case, they cannot go into court, and they usually have short-term assignments in legal assistance, yielding limited exposure and expertise. If you are going to use a military legal assistance attorney, ask him or her whether it would be a good idea to get some help from a civilian attorney, preferably one in the state where the divorce would occur. Says Ft. Dix chief of claims Jackey Nichols,. The saddest story is know about a client I'll call Helge Schmidt.

Since Texas law does not provide for life-long alimony, she and her attorney thought she was getting a good deal. But the attorney didn't know beans about the military pension and benefits for a former spouse. There was no mention of retirement benefits in the decree. Now, many years later, she struggles with no health care, no retirement, and no cost-of-living increase in her monthly support.

Answers to nine questions about spousal benefits for divorced women

Reilly, we finally got that agreement on military pension division. That finishes my job. Good luck with your divorce next month. I'm seeing more and more abandonment of clients when the attorney has finished writing up the property settlement or the separation agreement, and then thinks that the job is finished. That's NOT the end.

Determine Your Medicaid Eligibility

That's not full and competent service to the client. To handle a military pension division properly, you must prepare a military pension division order or incorporate the separation agreement into the divorce decree. That way, if there is any problem in the papers submitted, it can be caught and cleared up promptly. It can be waived, with the written consent of both spouses, or it can be given to a former spouse or a present spouse.

It can't be divided between an ex-spouse and a current one. That's nobody's business! Don't ask. It's in the statute, but it doesn't make any sense. It treats the survivor annuity as if it were alimony. No other form of marital or community property division ends upon the remarriage of one of the spouses. That being said, however, it's important to remember that SBP coverage is not available if the former spouse marries before age If elected initially for her, however, it can be reinstated if the second marriage ends is death, divorce or annulment.

Since John insists on saving SBP for his new wife, we'll use life insurance to cover you in the event of his death. That's a good substitute for SBP. A decision of the U. Supreme Court, Ridgway v. Ridgway , says that no SM can be compelled to elect a former spouse in a divorce settlement, and that — even if he chooses to do so — he's free to change his mind later.

He can select his next wife and the courts cannot do anything too punish him or alter his choice. Just write up the order to say that the SBP premium comes out of her share of the pension! They are deducted from gross pay to get to Disposable Retired Pay.


Georgia Disability Benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI | Nolo

He felt bad about how much it would cost. His lawyer said the premium would be 6. But he felt there was nothing he could do about it.

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The court order for SBP coverage needs to specify what the base amount will be. It can also be too high a benefit for Mary. That's the share she gets during John's life. Does that seem fair?

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  8. The way to change this is to select a lower base amount for the SBP, so that the death benefit mirrors the life payment. A common mistake for the former spouse is ignorance of the rules of VA waiver. A retiree can waive part of his pension to receive VA disability compensation, if he has a service-connected disability.

    That VA money is not taxable and isn't divisible with the former spouse. If she isn't protected, she could suffer a large reduction in her share of retired pay, which might result in a foreclosure or eviction. Since our divorced he got hurt at work, retired and got disability.

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    Would I be eligible? Hi Patricia, You may be eligible if: You were married to the person for over ten years; You are at least 62 years old; You are currently unmarried; and You are not eligible for a larger Social Security payment on your own record. My husband wants a divorce. I recieve ssdi benefits on my work record.

    Am 59 he is Can I get ssdi on his ss benefits. We were married for 29 yrs?