Finding out how much my car is worth

What's my car worth?

See how much you could get selling your car in a private sale, a part exchange or to established online buyers through our Motorway partnership. Using our expert valuations you can sell your car with confidence at Motors. Looking to buy? Why not use our Car Price Guide to find out how much you can expect to pay.

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Research the price of your ideal car, or compare against the price of other models with our simple and accurate tool. To get your free valuation, you'll need to enter your postcode, the vehicle registration number VRN of the car you want valued and its mileage. Why, you ask? We take the valuation of your car seriously.

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To provide you with an up-to-date market ready estimate, we use a highly trained team of specialist researchers. Working with industry experts, we regularly analyse data from our extensive preowned car listings and prices shared by major dealerships, as well as information from leading car auctions. We use all this data to calculate the value of your vehicle. We compare the current market price of your make and model and account for depreciation and mileage, to create a realistic estimate of your car's worth. Using our expert valuation tool, find out what you could realistically get for your car in advance and sell with confidence.

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Taking all this into account, the next step is to find out how much is your car actually worth. The easiest way to get a rough estimate of your car value is to go to a classifieds website and search for your specific make, model, and year with a similar mileage and condition to see what prices are being asked. Keep in mind that most advertisers will accept an offer near to the asking price though, and professional traders will always ask more. Buyers who use dealers are usually prepared to pay more because they provide monthly finance deals, warranties and more legal protection if things go wrong.

Dealers have to make a living though, so they will also offer you less for a car you are hoping to sell.

Used Car Pricing - How do I know what is the actual fair market value of my car

These are often paid services, but could be worth the money if you can't seem to find the right value by doing your own research. Of course, your potential buyers may be making similar online searches too.

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This is especially important as a car gets older, as a banger which is rusty and has been poorly maintained could only be worth the scrap value, while a cherished example of the same car will still be a desirable purchase. An online car buying service will also give you a good idea of the trade-in value of your car, but before you commit to selling to one of these companies it is worth getting their inspection done before it is too late.

You can expect them to knock off money for every extra mile, chip and scrape and your haggling power is far less when you need the money for your new car and have cancelled your insurance, for example.

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  • How Much Is My Car Worth? Value Your Car Free Online Now.
  • How much is my car worth? Free car valuations |

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